Zero Trust definition — What it is?

Zero trusts is all about designing and building a network so every entity is independent, and doesn’t trust or rely on information from any other entity
You can do zero trusts at a server level you can do zero trusts at an application level you could do zero trusts at a user level, you can do zero trusts at a data level idea if we want to go in and build and design our network in such a way that if any entity any server any application
any data record or any user gets compromised it cannot negatively impact any other entities on that network

the true goal of cyber security is to contain and control damage and minimize impact to the business, now if we can prevent the impact is great if we can’t. we want to detect contain and control so that’s really the whole idea of zero trusts is we’re containing controlling reducing limiting access to

only what’s required and needed so when a system gets compromised or broken into we’re containing and controlling the damage

that’s the essence and the heart of zero-trust and that’s why it’s such an amazing great model because you should be designing a network where there is no trust you should be designing a network where you’re only giving entities the least amount of access that’s needed

That’s it, it is very simple!

By :

Yaron Chelouche C|CISO, CDPSE

Yaron Chelouche is an industry-recognized expert with over 20 years of hands-on experience, founder, and an executive leader at Consulting.


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