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We Build, Execute, and Maintain Your Security Program  from Start to Finish


Chalir is virtual CISO, and managed Cyber Security solutions, enabling businesses to build and execute cyber security programs


We provide Complete Coverage

Our team provides all the security tools, compliance advisory and resources you need to build and execute your cyber security program.


Classify Applicable Risks

Identify and understand the risks and vulnerabilities that are the most relevant to your organization’s business and overall strategy.



As your business continues to grow, an external team provides more opportunities to scale your security capability without the complexity of training and onboarding new resources.


CISO-as-a-Service + Team

Our solution provides everything you need to build, implement, and manage a complete program without adding to your headcount or your team’s current responsibilities.

We provide ongoing tactical and strategic support in multiple security program areas including:


We offer managed services through outsourced roles and process performance, and the strategic vision of a CISO or security leader

  • Ongoing Tasks — Our team performs the tasks needed to keep your security program operational.
  • Scheduled Tasks — We take care of annual, quarterly, or monthly tasks such as pen tests or third-party risk assessments.
  • Virtual CISO — A virtual security leader provides strategic vision and leadership to lead and manage the direction of your security program.

Risk Management Program

  • Build a risk management program tailored to your organization’s unique needs and in compliance with applicable frameworks and requirements.

Third-Party Vendor Management

  • Combine people, processes, and technology to build and perform third-party vendor risk management processes.

Vulnerability Management

  • Assess, identify, and remediate vulnerabilities to address throughout your environment.

Incident Response Management Preparation

  • Incident & Ransomware Assessment
  • Incident & Ransomware Plan Review and Development Playbooks
  • Incident Response Training and Exercises

Data Privacy

  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (PIA)
  • GDPR/DPA/Privacy Assessments
  • Privacy-By-Design and Privacy-By-Default Reviews

Cyber Security Risk Management

Our security program assessment service utilizes a risk-based
assessment against best practice and regulatory frameworks
such as SOC2, ISO 27001, NIST to identify gaps that need to be
addressed. Our team works with you to assess every aspect of
your environment, from technology to network structure and
endpoints to create a comprehensive, multi-year roadmap to
bring your security program to an ideal future state.


Managed Security Program

Track Relevant Risks and Keep Your Organization Safe

Protecting organizations and enterprises is becoming increasingly complicated with evolving threats and new regulatory requirements. A cyber risk management program should give decision makers an understanding of all the risks an organization faces.

Managed Governance, Risk, and Compliance: Managed by the virtual CISO, enables tracking and dashboard reporting on information security risks, compliance with various frameworks and regulations, asset management, and tracking of incidents. Clients have visibility into their program’s KPIs via a secured website.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Assessments and Web Application Scans testing is the first step. Knowing what to prioritize in remediation and what compensating controls may work better than rectifying the primary control gap can save time and cost and add efficiency while increasing security posture.

  • We provide you with complete scan of your environment’s entire attack surface
  • We will Identify for you all the risks and vulnerabilities that are the most relevant to your organization



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