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Closing the Security Gaps

We are helping companies to reduce the risk of cyber attacks

Our Services

Virtual CISO

Risk & Security Management


Security Awareness

Virtual CISO

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer

Virtual CISO is a service designed to make top-tier security experts available to organizations who need security expertise and guidance. Our team of experts has decades of experience; building information security programs that work WITH business objectives and show measurable improvement to security posture.
Typical objectives of vCISO engagements include:

  • Security compliance management
  • Security policy, process, and procedure development
  • Incident response planning
  • Security training and awareness
  • Board and executive leadership presentations
  • Security assessment
  • Internal audit
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Risk assessment
  • Information security leadership and guidance
  • Steering committee leadership or participation
  • And much, much more.

Risk & Security Management


Risk Assessment

Our Information Security Assessment enables stakeholders to speak the same language in order to effectively prioritize the mitigation of the most urgent, realistic, and expensive of potential information security threats.

Providing a comprehensive information security risk assessment.

Chalir offers a comprehensive information security risk assessment designed to discover and quantify information security risk.
An industry-standard used by security practitioners, our methodology helps inform effective information security programs and allows organizations to prioritize and maximize information security investments.

We map the requirements to many different standards such as ISO 27000-1, NIST.

Vulnerability Assessment

Enumerating and correcting the issues that directly lead to a breach.

One of the most critical areas of risk is technical vulnerabilities. Unpatched operating systems, third-party application flaws, open ports, and configuration errors can all lead to a breach.
Regular scans help identify the vulnerabilities that allow attackers to infiltrate and own your network. Our security experts will help your organization locate these vulnerabilities and recommend the best course of action to address them.




ISO27001 Consulting Services


Our ISO27001 consulting services help organizations build an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) through a set of interrelated services. Our consulting team comprising of Subject Matter Experts has the knowledge and skills to provide the consultancy and implementation services for the standard implementation.
We also provide Integrated Standards Management System in case you have multiple standards in place in your organization and need an integrated approach to the ISMS.
Our Approach to helping you manage your organizational InfoSec risks with ISO27001.
Policies and procedures commensurate with your organizational risk levels.
A comprehensive ISMS document set.
Integrated Standards Management with other ISO standards.
ISMS in sync with other infosec standards.


Data Privacy (GDPR, CCPA,HIPA)



Chalir provides an array of privacy services that help identify data flows and where privacy concerns are warranted.
This plays a critical role in an evolving and complex world where privacy laws like the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as Global Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR)  and  California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) that require greater assurances around privacy authorization and protection controls



Elevate your organization and customers’ confidence with a SOC 2 report

SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls) examinations were designed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to assist organizations of any size, regardless of industry and scope, by ensuring the personal assets of their potential and existing customers are protected. Our testing is based on the defined principles and criteria published by the AICPA and is performed by experienced assessors. Your report must cover the common criteria of Security but can also cover additional Trust Service Criteria such as Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy.


Security Awareness and Phishing Simulation as a Service

We deliver real-life security awareness experiences! , We cover the basics and advance of cyber-awareness as well as target group-specific topics. We do this on location, online, or hybrid

  • Security Awareness for Employees 
  • Security Awareness Managers 
  • Phishing Awareness 
  • Working from home Awareness 
  • Security Awareness CxO

We train your team in recognizing all possible phishing attacks by sending simulations. This way you can reduce the cyber risks to as much as 65%.

By sending mock malicious (i.e. phishing, malware, or ransomware) emails to employees, imitating the type of online threats and abuse that they would encounter in the real world, to see which employees might fall victim to the threat. If an employee clicks on a malicious link or opens a malicious attachment contained in the simulated attack, they will be marked to get a training module that is designed to teach them all about the type of threat they just fell for. This will significantly reduce the risk of them falling for the same thing next time – when a criminal might be the one sending them the attack!

Is Your Company Secure from Cyber Threats?

About Chalir 

Chalir is a full-service information security management company that protects sensitive, confidential business information from unauthorized access, disclosure, distribution and destruction.
Information security is not a one-size-fits-all as others would lead you to believe. Chalir works hard to assess your most significant vulnerabilities (information security assessment), put a plan together for managing those risks (information security roadmap), and helps you execute that plan (information security program development).
How Do We Do It?
We apply industry standards, regulations and best practices to objectively assess the risks to your information security assets. As a result, you have a thorough understanding of where you’re most vulnerable and a plan to manage the risk. Simply stated:
We assess existing information security programs (administrative, physical and technical security controls) and
We develop, implement and manage information security programs tailored to each client’s specific security needs.

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