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Closing the Security Gaps

We are Helping Companies to Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks

Closing the Security Gaps

Helping Companies to Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks

Do you know if your business is secure?

“84 percent of cyberattacks reported had been due to human error.”

Cyber Security Services


Just in Time– Security Awareness and Phishing Simulation as a Service


We deploy the most relevant training for the most vulnerable users 

We connect external threats to specific users in the company 


 We deliver real-life security awareness experiences! , We cover the basics and advance of cyber-awareness as well as target group-specific topics. We do this on location, online, or hybrid

  • Security Awareness Staff
  • Security Awareness Managers
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Working from home Awareness
  • Security Awareness CxO
  • Security Awareness IT Professionals

We train your staff in recognizing all possible phishing attacks by sending simulations. This way you can reduce the cyber risks to as much as 65%.
By sending mock malicious (i.e. phishing, malware, or ransomware) emails to employees, imitating the type of online threats and abuse that they would encounter in the real world, to see which employees might fall victim to the threat.
If an employee clicks on a malicious link or opens a malicious attachment contained in the simulated attack, they will be redirected to an online training module which is designed to teach them all about the type of threat they just fell for.
This will significantly reduce the risk of them falling for the same thing next time – when a criminal might be the one sending them the attack!

Vulnerability and Risk Assessments, Compliance

Without visibility into potential exposures, it is difficult to know where to focus your security investments and resources. A vulnerability assessment identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes the risks and vulnerabilities in a system. A risk assessment identifies recognized threats and threat actors and the probability that these factors will result in exposure or loss. With a combined assessment, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the vulnerabilities & threats that exist in your environment and the likelihood that they will be exploited and impact your organization.
Depending on the scope, risk and vulnerability assessments can encompass some or all the following services utilized to gather necessary security data about your network:

  • Network Mapping 
  • Vulnerability Scanning 
  • Phishing Assessment 
  • Wireless Assessment 
  • Web Application Assessment 
  • Operating System Security Assessment (OSSA) 
  • Database Assessment  

With Chalir Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, you’ll receive an in-depth evaluation of your risk posture and better understand the current state of the vulnerabilities and threats impacting your security.

Chalir Risk and Vulnerability Assessment process includes:

  • Discovering and cataloging all assets within your network 
  • Assigning a value to identified assets 
  • Identifying vulnerabilities and threats that exist for each asset 
  • Assessing the likelihood that threats may be exploited 
  • Building a recommendation for cost-effective mitigation

Ensure you know where your risks and vulnerabilities are

CISO as a Service



With CISO as a service, organizations benefit from having access to cybersecurity experts and leaders, on demand, and delegate the work to security professionals to focus on the core business objectives.
The top priority for cybersecurity executives is to manage, govern and secure IT & OT, as well as manage all associated enterprise risks and enable the organization to meet its objectives. Chief information security officers, also known as CISOs, assess, manage and minimize enterprise risks from new and emerging attack surface and emerging threats.

Is Your Company Secure from Cyber Threats?


We are Helping Companies to Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks

Although some companies are armed from head to toe with cybersecurity solutions, they are simply hacked. That’s because 90% of all brutal cyber intrusions are the result of human error. Whether it’s due to a lack of cybersecurity awareness on the part of the staff, or due to gaps in IT security (which has also been set up by humans).We solve this problem by offering on-demand Cybersecurity managed services that include- Security risk assessments , Compliance, CISO as a Service, and an original and attractive cybersecurity awareness session.

Security Awareness Training

Security Risk Assessment

CISO as a Service 


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