Chalir Cybersecurity

Chalir is a cybersecurity company providing CISO-as-a-Service and managed security programs for cloud organizations.
Enabling businesses to execute security roadmap, build compliance strategy, and to meet client security requests.

Our Mission

Our mission at Chalir is to provide our customers with security programs
at the highest standards enabling them to focus on growth

Our Security Qualifications

Our Leadership Team

Shani Azulay

GRC Specialist & Business Operations

Yaron Chelouche

Founder & CISO

Ariel Chelouche

Security Analyst

Return on Investment

Our CISO-as-a- Service clients report over 50% cost savings versus building a program internally

Cybersecurity Excellence

Building cybersecurity defense at the highest standards. Helping your business fight cyber risks with a different holistic approach across your business ecosystem

Holistic Approach

Aligning the security program with the unique objectives for Tech organizations

Unparalleled Team

We simplify complex requirements to make audits much easier and to reduce audit burden