Cyber Security Risk Management Services

Assessing, developing and managing your cybersecurity risk programs

 Third-Party Risk Management Programs

Third party risk management (TPRM) is a critical aspect of an organization’s risk management program and involves analyzing and controlling the risks associated with outsourcing or working with third parties such as vendors, suppliers, contractors, or service providers. It’s important to be aware of any risks and vulnerabilities the organization is exposed to as a result of any partnerships. Chalir provides everything you need to build, implement, and execute the policies and processes around finding and managing these risks.

Our Approach:

We provide the expertise and scalability to effectively run your TPRM program. Our approach consists of:

  • Acting as the interface between you and your vendors
  • Gathering vendor risk information (e.g. questionnaires, risk rating data, SOC II reports, etc.)
  • Performing assessment activities and validation based on the criticality of the vendor
  • Identifying risk areas and remediation activities (where needed)
  • Providing risk reporting, enabling you to make a risk-based decision
  • Providing ongoing monitoring and vendor follow up as needed

Cyber Risk Management Operations

Cyber Risk Management Operations Services helps your organization design solutions, improve capabilities and implement operational capacity to drive real-world risk mitigation practices at scale.

This service helps to build your cyber risk management program from the ground up or enhance the operations of your existing program.

Our Approach

We provide the expertise and scalability to effectively run your Cyber risk management program. 

Our approach consists of:

  • Dedicated security team to establish and manage your entire risk management program
  • Performing security program risk reviews
  • Conducting other scoped risk assessments as defined by you
  • Providing on going risk reporting and executive dashboards
  • Conduct qualitative, semi-quantitative, or quantitative scenario-based risk analysis